TouchPro® Chair Massage


What is a TouchPro® Chair Massage ?

  •  A short, relaxing and activating acupressure point massage
  •  Relieves and aids the prevention of work-related stress and RSI
  •  Treats your shoulders, back, neck, head, arms, hands and hips
  •  The chair comes to YOU at work, clothes stay on, no oil is used
  •  Refreshes the body and mind in 15-20 minutes!


​The intention of this massage is preventative and not meant as therapy or to treat specific medical complaints. Prior to each massage a brief conversation is held with the client to take into consideration any relevant health conditions, injuries, etc. Unfortunately this pressure point massage is not suitable for pregnant (or trying to become pregnant) women; a classic massage will be offered instead.


Why a TouchPro® Chair Massage?

  •  To prevent work-related stress and RSI
  •  To prevent injuries caused by sitting in one position for prolonged periods of time
  •  To minimise illness-related absence from the work place
  •  To activate the circulation and improve the general health
  •  To relieve and prevent headaches, and stiffness in the neck and shoulders
  •  To improve the climate at work! (A pleasant side effect)


Advantages of a Touchpro® Chair Massage

  •  Excellent way to prevent illness-related absenteeism
  •  Costs of absenteeism will be reduced by improved health of your employees
  •  Massages are given at any location, time or occasion
  •  Tax-deductible (depending on conditions)
  •  A structured chair massage program provides an invaluable contribution to the physical and mental health of your staff


Effects of a TouchPro® Chair Massage :

  •  A new flow of energy is activated
  •  Blood circulation is stimulated
  •  Waste products are removed
  •  The immune system is strengthened
  •  Muscles are loosened
  •  Nourishment and oxygen to the brain are increased
  •  Concentration is improved
  •  Awareness of sitting posture is increased

A TouchPro® Chair massage lets energy flow!


Interested in a TouchPro® Chair Massage ?

TouchPro® guarantees quality! 

  •   Masseurs are re-examined every year to ensure they maintain the standards necessary to keep their TouchPro® license
  •   A regular massage (2 to 4 times per month) has a structural effect on the health of your employees

Feeling is believing!

Enjoy the first three TouchPro® Chair massages for free!