Sports and TouchPro® Chair Massage at work

€ 65 per hour  (excl. 21 % BTW)  (for 3 massages)

Per day I offer a minimum of 6 massages to a maximum of 18.

For larger groups I team up with my certified TouchPro® colleagues.

“Feeling is believing!”

Current offer : have your first three TouchPro® Chair Massages for free!

There are all kinds of possibilities :

  •  One-off treatment (gift or trial)
  •  Monthly / yearly contracts
  •  A test period (for example : three months to measure the results on your staff)
  •  Chair massages at your special event or festival
  •  Part of your company’s fixed schedule

I am very flexible and open to inspiring solutions! Contact me with any questions, for a tender or to make an appointment.  Or ask me for a demonstration at your place of work.

Still more advantages for the employer :

The government supports chair massages within businesses! Consequently, with the new work-cost regulation (WKR 2015) the costs are considered of “zero” value, provided you meet certain conditions :

  • You have a health and safety plan (Arbo plan) as an employer    
  • The massage constitutes a reasonable part of the Arbo plan     
  • The massage takes place during working hours, and at the place of work
  • The employee doesn’t have to contribute towards the cost    

Even if you don’t meet these conditions, the cost of the chair massages is still tax deductible, however it will count towards your 1,2% tax-free allowance within the work-cost regulation.

Even more reasons to let energy flow!


Prices for Individuals

I massage regularly as a Master Therapist at Doctor Feelgood Massage Company and at Koan Float in Amsterdam.