Sports Massage


What is Sports Massage and Injury Prevention?

Sports Massage is an intensive massage in which the muscles are treated and any deep knots are loosened. Waste products are massaged out of the tired or overworked muscles and the muscles are brought back into good condition.

Injury prevention is the set of measures taken to increase the resilience of the body. An extensive investigation reveals any weak links in the body so that preventive measures can be taken and advice given. Injuries are thus prevented and sports can be played in a responsible manner.


Why Sports Massage and Injury Prevention?

  •  The muscles relax and blood flow is improved
  •  Knots in the muscles are released
  •  Waste products are removed from the muscle tissue
  •  Clear improvement of the muscle condition
  •  The body can recover faster
  •  Causes of complaints are found by detecting weak links in the body
  •  Resilience can be increased with tape and bandages
  •  Overload on the body is prevented
  •  Also applicable for efficient recovery following injury


When Sports Massage and Injury Prevention?

  • When you need to loosen hardened muscles
  • When minor complaints persist
  • When overload-related injuries keep reoccuring
  • Prior to sporting activity (to activate the muscles)
  • As a complement to physiotherapy

Whether we’re professional or recreational sportspeople, we want to be and stay healthy!

The sports masseur fills the gap between perfect health (requiring no attention) and problems requiring physiotherapy. If you have any questions or want more information, please feel free to contact me.

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